Higgs Boson Found! Now What?

| August 4, 2012 | 0 Comments

So while I was away a lot of interesting things happened in the world of physics, but certainly the most important one was the discovery of the famous Higgs boson. And let me tell you, as with every big discovery, there was a lot of controversy with this one. My internet connection at the time was really terrible so I had to trust my TV and guess what — three different TV channels reported different things about the famous discovery. One channel reported that the particle was definitely found, whereas others reported that there’s a big possibility that the boson that was discovered was the elusive particle. So I couldn’t trust the TV and had to rely on my crappy internet connection at the time. But to my amazement, the situation on the internet was even worse. All kind of news could be found on the internet. For instance, some websites reported that the particle was really found and the people at CERN were already celebrating, whereas other websites claimed that all the news were simply fake. Of course, the internet wouldn’t be the internet if someone wouldn’t write articles about how some mysterious microscopic black holes were created.

And let me tell you — this situation really amazes me. I mean we’re living in the 21 century and you still can’t trust the news. Even the all mighty internet can be really confusing. But hey, now, after almost a month, it is certain that the good old Higgs boson is found. Congratulations to Peter Higgs!

So now, when Higgs is found, what’s gonna happen to the LHC, and what are the plans of the scientists at CERN? These and other questions are answered at this nice video. Enjoy!




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