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Newton’s monumental Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, often shortened to Principia, was published in July 1687 and brought him international fame. In this three-part work, he lays out in mathematical terms his laws of motion and account of universal gravitation.

This phenomenal work included the well known three Newton’s laws, which are the cornerstones of the so called classical physics, which is almost sufficient to explain our everyday world. Although Newton was able to provide a convincing description of the effects of gravitation, Newton failed to provide a sufficient explanation for why gravity occurred, so he sought to address this and other concerns by preparing a further edition.

The wonders of the modern technology enable us to view and download almost any book from all around the world. The Principia is, of course, not an exception. Cambridge library, which is holds one of the greatest collections of books and manuscripts, like many libraries all around the world, started digitalizing its collections. And among the vast number of books, the Principia was also digitalized and I have to say that the quality is really nice.

The original work by Newton is, of course, in Latin so it will be of interest for curious readers, who simply wish to see the original (unless, of course, you can read in Latin). As for those who would like to read the translated version I also found a nice link. But that’s not all! At the digital library you can also find other original manuscripts of Newton so be sure to check them out also. Enjoy!



  1. The original Principia Mathematica 
  2. English version
  3. Other papers by Netwon




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