Wireless Electricity, Invisibility Cloaks and Magic

| May 25, 2012 | 1 Comment

I always like to say that physics (or science in general) is like magic. Whereas my non-scientist friends, as you might guess, feel sceptical about such a definition of science to say the least. And being honest, at first sight, science doesn’t look like magic at all. I mean magic is usually associated with something jaw-dropping, unseen or paranormal,whereas science has strict rules, everything is logical and, as many people would argue, it usually looks more boring than acts of magic. But when you digg deeper into science you start realising how magical science really is. Science can cure diseases, it can make us fly, it can bring us to outer space or even land people on the Moon. It seems that we often forget what amazing gadgets science has brought us and how magical it would all look to a person from the middle-ages or even the 19th century. Modern science is truly indistinguishable from magic and the greatest thing is that over time, more and more amazing inventions appear which slowly erase the line between magic and science.

A first example of such remarkable technologies would be wireless electricity. These days we have a bunch of technologies, which transfer energy and information without wires. Starting with remote controls and ending with brand new fast wi-fi services, wireless is the “hot” word these days. But why not electricity? Why don’t we have wireless electricity in our schools, universities, libraries and homes? Just imagine getting rid of all those annoying wires and not having to charge your laptop or phone as long as you’re in wireless electricity hot-spot. I don’t know how about you, but all of this sounds like science fiction or magic to me. Sort of like an invisible force field charging all the gadgets in your house.


Well, believe it or not, wireless electricity was seriously considered by Nikola Tesla about a hundred years ago. Back then it was a little out of reach having in mind that the technology that they had was quite primitive. But the great thing is that these days wireless electricity or WiTricity as it is called is not science fiction anymore. Electricity can indeed be transferred with no wires and it’s not a questions of a couple of centimetres anymore. The technology of WiTricity can now be used in a home environment safely and efficiently. To see what I’m talking about check out this lecture and a presentation of the technology by Eric Giler:


Another great example of the rapid development of science, which might give results similar to science fiction or even magic is “cloacking”. “Cloacking” is simply a process of making an object invisible. You know, like the invisible cloak in Harry Potter movies. There is a variety of possible techniques to reduce the visibility of an object and they are being developed rapidly. And even though the technology is not as advanced as in the case of the WiTricity, the prospects look bright. Check out this video about the new breakthroughs in cloaking technology and how it might work in general:


So it seems it’s a little to early to look for an invisibility cloak in your local supermarket, but, knowing the rapid rate of technology development these days, we might see some amazing results quite soon.



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  1. zakiel says:

    I like to receive more,jast like an invisibility clock. I imgine people all around the world,having the gadgets like a cell phone cloaking and simply aprocess of making people,animal & everything all object to be invisible or visible. give me more in new closcking technology,how it migth work in general

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