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Terry H. Wesner, the owner of Bernard J. Klein Publishing has sponsored a free website (AKA GetMath), where anyone can download the 3rd edition Elementary Algebra textbook with two accompanying ancillaries for free.

It’s basically a full elementary Algebra textbook including the problem sets, solutions, diagrams and all that good stuff. And having in mind that a typical mathematics textbook can cost up to 50 – 100 $, it’s remarkable that such great books can be downloaded for free.

The book includes the following chapters:

  1. Operations With Real Numbers
  2. Solving Equations and Inequalities
  3. Polynomials and Exponents
  4. Factoring
  5. Rational Expressions
  6. Operations With Rational Expressions
  7. Linear Equations in Two Variables
  8. Systems of Linear Equations
  9. Roots and Radicals
  10. Solutions of Quadratic Equations


  1. More info about the book
  2. Download the book




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