The Mathematics of History

| May 18, 2012 | 0 Comments

Let’s be honest, mathematics has always had a reputation of being a hard and a rather unpopular subject. Starting at high school or even earlier the majority of students tend to avoid mathematics. Maybe that’s the reason why not many people appreciate the power of mathematics. Despite the low popularity of the subject, the usefulness of mathematics is undeniable. It is used to solve a variety of practical problems in engineering, physics, social sciences, biology and other fields. In principle, mathematics and physics could even be used to investigate and predict something in psychology, social sciences and even history. The problem however is that the sheer number of variables (which are also hard to quantify) makes it highly complicated.

In this video Jean-Baptiste Michel shares his ideas and research, which actually shows that it is indeed possible to use mathematics while researching history. It’s a truly interesting TED talk, which shows that there might in fact be close connections between mathematics and history after all. Enjoy!




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