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Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but I just found out about this great thing called WikiBooks. It’s basically a collection of open-source textbooks that everyone can edit. So I just found some very useful astronomy stuff. It’s a collection of articles about astronomy, which are arranged as a open-source textbook. One thing that I really liked about the WikiBoks and this textbook is that it’s neatly organized, has a nice presentation and the quality most of the time is really good.


Here’s the list of contents available on the page:

  1. The Modern View of the Cosmos
  2. Observational Astronomy
  3. Motion and Gravity
  4. Principles of Light
  5. Telescopes
  6. Planetary science
  7. Earth as a Planet
  8. Space Exploration
  9. Astrobiology and Extraterrestrial Life
  10. The Sun
  11. Stars
  12. The Stellar Life Cycle
  13. Black Holes
  14. Galaxies
  15. Gamma-Ray Bursts and Cosmic Rays
  16. Cosmology

Next time we’ll check out some more advanced astronomy texts, as for today, here’s the link:

General Astronomy



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