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In this addition of free science books let’s take a look at a great book called Simple Nature by Benjamin Crowell. Why only one book this time? It’s because this is a hell of a book. It’s an almost 900 physics textbook covering a variety of topics starting with classical mechanics and ending with quantum physics. And the best part is that it’s totally free (open source).

The book has 14 chapters, which include:

0. Introduction
1. Conservation of Mass
2. Conservation of Energy
3. Conservation of Momentum
4. Conservation of Angular Momentum
5. Thermodynamics
6. Waves 
7. Relativity
8. Atoms and Electromagnetism
9. DC Circuits
10. Fields 
11. Electromagnetism
12. Optics
13. Quantum Physics

The books has a very nice representation, with useful diagrams and colourful pictures.  Some historical perspective on the presented topics is also a great advantage of Simple Nature.   Furthermore, there is a variety of problems and solutions, which definitely help the student.
The book is for engineering and science students, but it’s safe to say that even high school students can benefit from having it. It does not include loads of mathematics, which, I think, for an introductory book is an advantage. Also, the appendix has solutions to the problems and useful hints.
I would say that Simple Nature is even better than some major physics textbooks, some of  which can cost more than 100$. So the only conclusion that I can draw about this book is that it is highly recommended and that every student should have it downloaded.


1) Download links and more information about the book



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