The Brave New World With Stephen Hawking

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Remember those sci-fi movies back in the 80s and 90s where they showed futuristic stuff like modern mobile phones, wireless Internet accessible everywhere, huge LCD or holographic screens, flying cars and so on? Well I don’t know how about you but I really do and I still laugh at those hilarious movies, where they show the “far future” of the year 2000 being super futuristic, even though it’s only 20 or 10 years in the future. But the funny part is that we are really living in the future when it comes to many parts of our daily lives. I mean try to remember your first mobile phone or first computer. It seems like our lives didn’t change that much in the last 20 years, with exception to technologies of communication. Today, wireless Internet is accessible mostly anywhere, whereas not having a mobile phone is just bizarre. We can download stuff with amazing speeds, video calls are a part of our everyday life and you can basically find any information you need on the world wide web. So it seems, we are really living in the future. Well, except the thing about flying cars, which is a shame… But you know it’s funny how we all have these magic gadgets, but since they are a part of our routine, we forget how mind blowing our technology really is.


Oh yeah, what I really wanted to show you is another great documentary with Stephen Hawking and a bunch of other great scientists from many different fields. In this newest work with Stephen Hawking they focus on the way science and technology affects our society. So yeah, it’s nothing to fancy, but still a good watch when you get too lazy to watch something more technical.


Here’s a short overview of the episodes:


1) Machines

The team showcases breakthroughs in technology and engineering that are creating a new generation of machines, which are changing our everyday lives.

2) Health

In this episode the experts examine how scientists are fighting for our survival by battling the world’s biggest killer diseases.

3) Technology

The experts explore how 21st-century technology is shaping our future by changing the way we live, the way we communicate and our society in general.

4) Environment

Science turns superhero as it battles to save the planet and preserve the human race for possible catastrophes.

5) Biology

In this episode various experts unearth the amazing breakthroughs that are transforming the resilience and strength of the human body.

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