For Dummies Series: Mathematics

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“For Dummies” is a series of educational books, which cover basically any subject you can think of. Starting with guides of programming ending with travel guides these cheap and easy to use books will teach you whatever you need. For more information check out their website.

About the authors

All the books in the series are written by professionals with significant experience in their field.

Math Books

The great thing about “For Dummies” books is that they can teach you something as simple as pet care, but there are also books which can assist you with more technical subjects, for instance, mathematics. So let’s look at some of the great math guides that “For Dummies” has to offer.

All books include special tips, solved examples, plenty of diagrams and a lot of problems. I guess the biggest advantage of “For Dummies” series is that all books are written in a very accessible style and are exceptionally “beginner-friendly”. “For Dummies” series books have a specific format — usually the books are divided into parts which usually can be read in no particular order (not true for all math books, as you must learn some material in a sequence). Also useful icons are used to improve the reading experience including tips, examples, material you should remember, technical stuff and warnings.

There is a variety of basic math books including Basic Maths for Dummies, Basic Math & Pre-Algebra, Algebra I for Dummies and Everyday Math for Dummies. These are especially useful for beginners and revising.

For a little more advanced courses you should check out Calculus for Dummies, Geometry for Dummies, Business Math for Dummies, Differential Equations for Dummies and Linear Algebra for Dummies (for more books visit their website). Also it’s important to notice that many of the noticed books have extra workbooks that you can buy if you need more practice problems, solved examples and solutions.

For the best result when revising or learning maths I would recommend using a corresponding book from the “For Dummies” series and a workbook. Additionally you can always use the all mighty internet to find help on basically any subject. For instance you can check out a great website called the Khan Academy, which offers various helpful videos and lessons.

 For Dummies Series on Math

For Dummies Series for Math


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